An Introduction to: Doro

Who are they?: Doro are a Swedish manufacturer of mobile devices aimed at making mobile technology and safety solutions for senior citizens. They have a range of easy-to-use mobile phones, ranging from the classic flip design to Android touchscreen devices with specially designed UIs.

So, what’s their background?: Doro AB were founded in Lund, Sweden in 1974. There isn’t really too much history readily available about them as they have always been a fairly small company (employing under 500 people), but they started to produce easy to use phones for senior citizens around 2009 or so. Their PhoneEasy range is ubiquitous with senior phones in not only Sweden, but the UK and further afield, with distribution reaching more than 40 countries globally making them the market leader for senior mobile solutions.

Why would I choose a Doro phone?: If you’re a senior citizen, have visual impairments or even if you just can’t get on with modern phones, then a Doro may be for you. The PhoneEasy range has a number of affordable devices in multiple form factors, such as touchscreen, flip, or candybar. A really useful feature on most of their products is the programmable emergency button on the back. Once set up, you can send a ‘help’ message or phone call to a pre-defined contact. This is a really unique idea but it’s so simple, and is executed well.

My opinion: For the purpose they are designed for, Doro’s offering far outpace even the closest of rivals by quite some distance. I believe there will always be a place for devices like these, and with a fully stacked feature list for the market such hearing aid compatibility, simple software, and loud ringtones to name but a few, the Doro range has a bright future if they retain the same level of focus.


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