Moving to a Samsung Galaxy!

South Korean powerhouse Samsung are still pumping out amazing devices with recent offerings, such as the Galaxy S8, receiving very good reviews. With more high-end Android devices on the horizon from them, we thought we’d better give you the details of how to transfer your information across to your new Samsung device. Obviously, this process can vary depending on what handset you’re using, as certain Operating Systems aren’t compatible with the software we recommend.

The software we recommend is Samsung’s official solution called Smart Switch. This neat app allows you to transfer a multitude of data from your old device, whether it be Blackberry, Windows Phone, Android or even iPhone. Neat, huh! So, the first thing we need to do is make sure that Samsung Smart Switch is on your new Samsung device. The good news is if you have a device from the S7 range onwards, this will be pre-installed, and is hidden in the settings. Open ‘settings’, and search for Smart Switch. If you don’t have it pre-installed, never fear! It can be installed from either the Google Play Store, or also directly from Samsung Apps. Once you’ve got this set up on your new phone, you may need it installed on your old one as well. As a rule of thumb, if your handset runs Android, whether it’s Samsung or not, this would be the time to install Smart Switch on the old device. Once this is all ready, it’s time to move onto to the transfer itself.

There are three whole ways to complete the transfer. The quickest (and coolest) way is using a USB-OTG connector, which is included with the S7 or S8. You just open Smart Switch on the new phone, put the USB-OTG in the new phone, and connect them via USB. There are some requirements to do it this way however, such as with Android, only Galaxy devices above 4.3 will work. Same goes for iOS5, and BB7 OS. If you don’t meet these requirements, no worries, Samsung have got your back. For example, if you’re transferring from another Android device, you just need to open the app on both devices, select which is sending, and which is receiving, and click next. It’ll play a high-pitched frequency to communicate between devices, so don’t panic when your phone starts to hiss slightly.

This will then give you the option on the old device to select what you wish to transfer. This can include everything from contacta and photos, to S-Note files and calandar entries depending on what your old device is. Follow these instructions, and they will start to send giving you an estimated timeframe. This way of transferring is extra awesome, as it can include installing apps as well. If these ways fail, there is always the failsafe of using Smart Swith for PC, which you should already be installing with your new Samsung anyway, as it acts as the backup suite.

And thats that! With this set of instructions, you should be up and running with your new Galaxy in no time at all.


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