An Introduction to: Raspberry Pi

​What is it: A series of British single-board computers, developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. They can be used for a variety of different things, from robots to mini games consoles.

Some brief history: Created in 2012, These inexpensive and versatile devices were designed to promote computer teaching, and to help make computing available to developing countries. However, with such low pricing and so many things you can do, it is no surprise that they have been embraced by the tech community and have been used for a multitude of things. There have been some great innovations such as smart-mirrors, as well as much more fun things such as mini consoles to emulate old video games.

Who uses it: As already mentioned, besides schools and educational facilities around the world there is a die-hard community of Raspberry Pi fans making the most out of these credit-card sized devices. In fact, we will be publishing a guide in the coming days of how you can use one of these to play retro games at home. They are also very popular as media streamers, as there are a variety of Kodi-based OS packages available.

What do I think: I have always been a huge fan of things like this, and it’s nice to see a successful tech product coming out of the UK. I use one day to day as my games console emulator, and for such a small price, I can say hand on heart that if this one dies I will be during another instantly. The one slight negative I have personally is the lack of Android compatibility, especially when there are less well known boards like Odroid available out there. The large amount of alternatives does nearly invalidate this negative however. Overall, a great product!


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